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They Need Your Help

Many women in need are forced to flee quickly and do not have time to properly prepare or pack. They are not wearing appropriate undergarments because, at the time, they had more pressing concerns on their minds.


If you have bras that you rarely wear or brought a poorly sized bra that you're stuck with, consider bringing them into our location at The CORE Shopping Mall. We're working with Goodwill Alberta to get them to women in need even if they are damaged. 

 Your benevolence will strengthen these women in their bid to rebuild their lives confidently.

How it works...

Goodwill receives a large variety of items and strives to ensure as little as possible goes to waste, we're happy to share that this applies to bras as well. Donated bras that are clean, new or gently used are resold in Goodwill locations with funds going toward families in need. We do ask that you wash your bras before bringing them into the store for donation. 

Have damaged bras? Goodwill sends bras that cannot be sold in-store to textile recyclers so the material can be repurposed into new materials. End the staycation for the bras that live at the back of your undergarments drawer and give her a new lease on life with women in need. 

Goodwill's Resources
Directions To Our Store

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