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About TheBraGirl

Live Superbly Expressing an Xtraordinary You 

We stand as trailblazers committed to enhancing the lives of women of every age and size. Our unparalleled solutions and styling services cater to an inclusive range from A to O cups and 28 to 48 bands, leaving no woman behind on her journey to embrace a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

New Bra

We Style

We specialize in bras up to K-cup.

Our clients don’t just get pretty undergarments that fit well—they get the lifestyle they desire and unlock a deeper level of productivity by wearing proper bras.

Not sure of your size? Or feeling overwhelmed by the whole bra shopping experience?


TheBraGirl can help..

We Guide

We bring an understanding of how to successfully navigate body changes throughout a woman's life, empowering her to leverage undergarments for physical, mental and social well-being. TheBraTalk covers various aspects of a woman's body image issues.

 Daily, we’re helping women love their femininity and embrace their strength.

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We Give Back

Partnering with organizations that work with them, we empower women and young girls with tools to build their self-image. We also facilitate donations of good-quality undergarments to those who need them.

Would you like to gift our products to a women's group dear to you?

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Meet The Founder

Bukola Adedeji, is a lingerie stylist who is passionate about getting women in the right bra. She faced challenges as a slim and busty teenager in finding well-fitting bras and had to alter her bras for better support. It was only after a professional fitting in her late twenties that she recognized the impact of proper breast support. Transitioning from banking to dressmaking, Bukola noticed a shortage of bras for full-busted women and started offering them as an additional service. Recognizing the general lack of knowledge about bra fitting, she initiated TheBraTalk to educate women on the importance of proper bra support.

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