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About Us

 Visit us in The CORE to see firsthand how we nurture women's body confidence by providing underwear solutions through every stage of life.

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We Style

We specialize in bras for busty women up to K-cup.

Our clients don’t just get pretty undergarments that fit well—they get the lifestyle they desire and unlock a deeper level of productivity by wearing proper bras.

Not sure of your size? Or feeling overwhelmed by the whole bra shopping experience?


TheBraGirl can help..

We Guide

We bring an understanding of how to successfully navigate body changes throughout a woman's life, empowering her to leverage undergarments for physical, mental and social well-being. TheBraTalk covers various aspects of a woman's body image issues.

 Daily, we’re helping women love their femininity and embrace their strength.

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We Give Back

Partnering with organizations that work with them, we empower women and young girls with tools to build their self-image. We also facilitate donations of good-quality undergarments to those who need them.

Would you like to gift our products to a women's group dear to you?

Meet The Founder

Bukola Adedeji, was a busty teenager who had much difficulty finding bras that fit her slim girth and full bosom appropriately. In fact, she got used to modifying her bras by tacking the band on the sides for good support. It was not until she received a professional bra fitting in her late twenties that she realized how much suffering she had endured due to a lack of adequate breast support.

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Following a brief career in banking, she ventured into dressmaking and discovered a gap in the market for bras that adequately supported full-busted and full-figured women. There were a few available options, but not enough provision was being made for larger breasts in terms of availability and media representation.

As a busty woman herself, Bukola decided to make bras available to her clients as a value-added service.

In February 2018, she opened her first lingerie store in Nigeria due to the quick growth of the demand for her services. She had previously operated out of her home for three years.

As the years went by, Bukola realized that one of the main factors in poor bra fit was a lack of knowledge, and she wondered how she could spread the word about better bra fit. As a result, she created TheBraTalk, a campaign that focuses on educating women about the importance of adequate bra support and other feminine-related matters. The goal of TheBraTalk is to make women more aware of their bodies, naturally occurring changes and how the right underwear impacts their overall wellbeing from adolescence through menopause.

Today, Bukola Adedeji is a Body Confidence Coach helping women cultivate a vibrant self-image so that they can express themselves more fully throughout their lives.

Find out how Bukola is helping women maximize their body confidence for success.

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