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Empowering Confidence: Bukola's Mission for the Perfect Fit

Nothing brings Bukola Adedeji, owner of TheBraGirl, more joy than the mothers who bring their teenage daughters into her store to get fitted for a sports bra.

For Bukola, bras that fit more curvy body types provide young women with a greater sense of self-confidence and an improved quality of life, allowing them to feel comfortable pursuing sports, academics, and career opportunities, setting boundaries in their social relationships, and reach their full potential to be their best.

Bukola's passion for specialty bra fitting stems from her own experience as a dressmaker and having difficulties finding bras that fit. She found that the bras available in the market were not designed for her body type, and the bras that did fit were not comfortable enough for everyday wear. With her understanding of the importance of well-fitted bras, she started her entrepreneurial journey as a newcomer to Canada to make a difference in the lingerie industry.

Strengthening Foundations: Business Link's Guidance

In hopes of finding resources to help her entrepreneurial journey, Bukola reached out to the Centre for Newcomers, where she attended an event and connected with a Business Link Business Strategist, who helped her navigate the ins and outs of setting up a business in Alberta. "She listened to my heart and went into the trenches with me," Bukola recalls. She also worked with Market Research Coordinator Barry Yewchuk to learn more about the market she wanted to serve. This allowed her to expand her knowledge base and better inform her next business steps as she started TheBraGirl.

"My highlight of working with Business Link was that they were kind and patient, answering questions I wasn't even asking yet.”

"You Dream Better with a Bra That Fits."

Bukola believes every woman deserves a bra that fits well and feels comfortable. Her store offers a range of bras specially designed to cater to different body types, including curvier ones. Her passion for providing the right fit extends to sports bras, essential for young women who want to pursue sports and other physical activities.

TheBraGirl, located in Calgary's downtown Core Shopping Centre, offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for women searching for the right bra. She understands that the process of finding the right bra can be daunting, especially for teenagers who are still discovering their bodies. Her store offers a private fitting room where customers can feel relaxed while fitted for a bra. Bukola and her team of experts provide personalized fittings that consider each customer's needs, body type, shape, and size to ensure that the bra fits perfectly.

The Road Ahead: Bukola's Mission for Body Positivity and Advice to New Entrepreneurs

As Bukola looks toward the future, she aims to drive the conversation around body confidence using the tools and tactics she has learned from conducting market research for her business. By learning more about how the lack of breast support impacts teens, she intends to create a program that promotes body positivity for Canadian youth.

Bukola's advice for new entrepreneurs is to keep learning at the forefront. "Go in to learn. Go in there open. Learning will open you up to get the life you want and express what you have inside." With passion, determination, and a strong support system, anyone can realize their dreams.

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