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TheBraTalk Workshops

Our workshops are focused on bringing an understanding of the connections between undergarments and the overall well-being of women and how to explore these connections to improve their self-image and enhance their productivity.

These sessions come with in-person bra fitting for attendees (billed separately) for locations within Calgary, AB, Canada. Please email for enquiries about locations outside Calgary.


Learning scope:

3 major naturally occurring body changes, their implications and how to handle them.

Become aware of and resolve limiting beliefs about their bodies and their capacity to perform in the chosen field of endeavour.

3 signs of the wrong bra fit and how it affects self-expression.

Learn common causes of chronic body pains caused by undergarments and how to resolve them.

Receive tools for making the most functional undergarment choices based on their body type and current lifestyles.

Undergarment etiquette.

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