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As women, we must become more aware of the changes our bodies go through and become more skilled at navigating them. This will help us live our best lives daily.

The scope of TheBraTalk is expanding to encompass the full range of women's body image issues. These challenges are so pervasive that they affect us at every level—from our most personal thoughts and feelings about ourselves, to how we manage our relationships with other people.

Let's Talk The Talk...

Would you like us to partner with you and your work in helping girls and women?

We offer the following programs:


An educational series that helps teen girls build a healthy mental attitude about their bodies and be proud of their unique growth.

Busty teenagers will access tools to help them engage in physical activities they love.  


A session where women get to understand their breast & body changes with regard to the phase of life they are in and access tools on how to navigate these changes for physical, emotional leverages and social wellbeing. 

Mind Over Body

A 90-day Mastermind program for women who want to make significant life changes. They get to identify, assess, align with and chart their next best moves in engaging their core dreams. Includes a DISC personal assessment tool

Video Library

Your Bra and Weight Loss

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I Survived Breast Cancer!

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