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The bra talk

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As A Woman, You Likely Know The Emotional Rollercoaster That Comes With Accepting and Embracing Your Body

To live our best lives daily, we must become more aware of our bodies' changes and become more skilled at navigating them.  These challenges are so pervasive that they affect us at every level from our most personal thoughts and feelings about ourselves, to how we manage our relationships with others.

Let's Talk The Talk...

Cocktail Hour

We all know that the key to a good life is balance. But what happens when we let our work life consume us? Join our community events for like-minded women who have achieved body positivity and live life confidently. 

TheBraTalk Workshops

Sessions where women get to understand their breast & body changes with regard to the phase of life they are in and access tools to skillfully navigate these changes for their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. 


A program focused on 3 areas of puberty - self-confidence, body care and social etiquette - will help teens grow a healthy attitude about their bodies by understanding the changes they are going through and how to manage them.

Fit Women
Group Self-Care

Do you want to up-level women within your network by bringing a cutting-edge advantage to your events? Our group self-care covers practical learnings on total body care. Include bra fitting, basic skin care & Zumba fitness sessions.

Video Library

At COTTINI Shorts Launch 2022

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How to Put on a Bra

Image by Maëliss Demaison

How-to Use Bra Extenders

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Vaginal Health Care with Murabiyah Holistics

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Your Bra and Weight Loss

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I Survived Breast Cancer!

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Check out more videos on our YouTube channel. 

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