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Some thoughts you have heard about bras may not hold true for you especially if you are a full-busted or full-figured woman. In this post, I share some of these thoughts and how your unique personal experience trumps all generalizations.

Awakening Underwired Plunge Bra by Freya


This thought has survived mainly due to the active publicity and branding around standard sizes from 32 – 38 bands and B to DD cup sizes. Believe it or not, there was a time these were mostly what you got. Now, however, bras have evolved both in sizing and design so much so that you can get a K-cup bra that is absolutely pretty and lends good support to big boobs. Even clothiers are making more significant allowances for bigger busts in this era.

Truth is that there is no best cup size, there is only your breast size that needs to find its appropriate bra size. That size is the one that fully encloses each breast without having spills (bra cups too small) or space/wrinkles (bra cups too big) while keeping the band snugly in place.

Your bra should do its job of comfortably supporting your boobs without your having to do anything to help it. Big emphasis on SUPPORT and COMFORT and whatever that comes to for you in band and cup size is your perfect bra.

Here’s a quick tip: with a measuring tape, get your bust and girth numbers. If the difference is more than 7inches, then babe, you’re not even a triple D (DDD). Sometimes, you may be in-between sizes where the next smaller size seems too small or the next bigger size is too big. It is very important at this point to pay attention to the type of bra in terms of design so that you can get the best fit possible. Be sure to put on your dress to see it really works.

Go ahead and spin that bra whether it be DD or G or K, and remember, you’re absolutely gorgeous in your own statistics.


Not scientifically proven. Not proven in substantially proven in experience too. So, we can say, ‘NOT TRUE’.

Breasts come in different shapes, sizes, spacing, and firmness. When fully developed, they can be high or low riding on the chest or anywhere in-between, widely or closely set together. The factors determining individual specifications are already preset, pretty much like other biological traits.

Mothers of young teenagers are usually apprehensive about this. However, so as long as your young daughter or granddaughter takes good care of herself, eats right, and has good breast support especially during high-impact sports activities, she is fine.

If you are busty, yes, you can sleep or lounge with some support (soft cups, bralettes, supportive camisoles or nighties, etc.) but we know they’re not to keep the breast perky, right? Just to keep the boobs from swinging around which in itself can be quite uncomfortable and you don’t have to go grab a bra when you get unexpected visitors. Well, yes, I know the drill. Been there, done that.


First off, moulded bras come with pre-shaped cups and so they offer great bust definition and uplift. A number of them have the push-up effect, meaning they are built to gently push the breasts together and upward, giving more cleavage. Some give a rounded, well-defined, upscale everyday look.

Padded bras, on the other hand, come with an extra cushion to add volume. If you are looking to enhance the size of your bust, padded bras should be your go-to. In fact, some padded bras can subtly increase the size of your boobs by up to two cups. Check out Victoria’s Secret bombshell bras. They always come moulded and give you good volume if you prefer.

Note, however, that plus-size moulded bras are never made to add volume, and this is for obvious reasons. The emphases are on lift and bust definition. So, if you have large boobs, moulded bras will definitely work wonders for you. Freya, Elomi, and Fantasie bras have the bigger sizes up to the H-cup. Be sure to try them on and see. I usually get that Wow! reaction every time I am able to convince clients of moulded bras.

Do you know that some nursing bras even come moulded? I mean, there is no excuse to not get your mojo going while nursing.


Not so, m’lady. The effects of wearing ill-fitting bras seep through your carriage, your conversations, walking, running, jumping, choice of recreation, even your selfies. If you consider the confidence vibes you lose from not properly ‘packing’ for the day, then you will realize that it is pivotal to having a productive day.

Having good support enhances your overall well-being by making you feel light, puttting your mind on a forward thrust from morning till day over. Actually, this is part of what makes you look great – SOLID VIBES not just from how you look but also how you feel.

So you have got to PAY ATTENTION.

What should you do?

  1. Get a professional bra fitting done to know your size and the bra design that best suit your body type.

  2. Start with the basics. Three everyday bras and two sports bras and one strapless bras is a good start.

  3. Build up from there.

How important are these steps? As crucial as selecting your clothes and shoes for the week ahead.


When it comes to identifying the best out of life and going for it in every area, you get to realize that real VALUE cannot be compromised in the long run.

Truth be told, GOOD BRAS DON’T COME CHEAP and that is because they are so much more than fashion statement pieces. If a bra delivers for you on support, comfort, and style, you will look good, feel great, move confidently, act graciously, keep your energy levels up all day every day.

Apart from this, a lot of research, engineering, and labor goes into designing and making bras for curvy women. In the end, it is all about giving value for value.

The next time you walk into a lingerie store, seek value first and be willing to pay for it: the right size, right style, premium quality, and correct functionality. If you get some discount while at it, that will be great!

Awakening Underwired Plunge Bra by Freya is our new best choice for our slim curvy divas. Fresh from Freya’s stables, this is a perfect plunge without push-ups up to the H-cup, band size between 28 and 38. Its spot embroidery and mesh layout will certainly shore up some confidence for you all day long. We thought you might be one of the few to endow your boobs with some pretty comfortable support. Order here.

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