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Get great support for your boobs from A to O cups. With over 140 bra sizes and multiple designs in store, our expert bra fitters will help you find bras that will make you look good and feel great! Take a virtual tour to have a feel of what to expect when you come in.

About Us

Our mission is to inspire and empower women to fully embrace their femininity and live their best lives daily.

Now, that is S.E.X.Y.!

We enhance the quality of life of women by providing undergarment solutions that ensure optimum breast support, thereby enabling them to lead productive lives.

Superbly Express an Xtraordinary You
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Get styled in your best
BRAS in 20 minutes or less

Over 140 bra sizes 

Find Your Fit

We will help figure out your bra size and what works for your unique bust and body type. Our personalized bra fitting in-store is FREE and takes less time than you think.

Hone Your Style

Do you know that wearing appropriate underwear improves your productivity and bolsters your psyche? Leave it to us to curate your collection based on your taste and lifestyle.

Know Your Leverage

Explore various ways to maximize your wardrobe. Our events cover a wide range of subjects around building an authentic self-image and navigating body changes.

We take the overwhelm out of your bra shopping experience!

28 - 48 bands

 A - O cupsizes

Support you need to live your best life every day!

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Candid Stories from Women on the Joys and Challenges of wearing bras

A Compilation by TheBraGirl


The Bra Girl store, every women, teen girl should checkout this store. With their help I was able to identify my right bra size. They carry premium, unique and very comfortable bras and undergarments. The cottini hipster pants are awesome. You really need to try this one. The feel and fit is amazing

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Adeteju - Dishville

April 2023

Amazing store!!! I was fitted to my EXACT SIZE!!!!!!!!!! Amazing customer service

They have up to SIZE O and can order up to SIZE T which is SO hard to find

5 Stars.png

Mary Adebayo

May 2023

This is the best shop in Calgary for purchasing bras. The customer service was fabulous, including the fitting and Mitra was exceptionally helpful and professional.

Exceeding Expectations: Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

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