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Finding A Comfortable Solution For Nursing & Maternity Wear

Updated: May 14

The thought of motherhood can be quite daunting in the beginning but as you go through the stages it can be very rewarding and fulfilling but it is definitely not without its challenges. One of the challenges women face is nursing and finding the proper fitting bras to help ease into it. 

Nursing is a wonderful experience for a lot of women as it is known to be one of the most special bonding experiences for new mothers. For some women, nursing can also be painful and the positioning is uncomfortable. Their breasts are becoming bigger, sore and a nursing bra or maternity bra is needed to provide extra support and comfort. 

The nursing bras provide exposure for ease of latching. They also provide the mother with more privacy, comfort, and easy accessibility when feeding and bonding with their baby. A well fitted nursing bra helps to avoid putting too much pressure on the breasts and can prevent soreness and plugging of the breast ducts. 

Finding The Perfect Fit!

Nursing and maternity bras come in a variety of different styles and colours but the main difference is the wired and non-wired variations available.

The first style featured is the “Anita Basic Moulded Non-Wired Maternity Bra” which provides amazing support, stability and pain relief through its elasticated fabric, side support and simplistic design. It also has power mesh lining that provides comfort. 


The second design is the “Anita Basic Underwired Moulded Nursing Bra” that features a wide opening construction and nursing clips which makes it suitable for breastfeeding. It has a three bracket fastener, adjustable straps and it is made of a permeable microfibre material. 

The third style is the “Anita Basic Moulded Non-Wired Nursing Bra” which is very comfortable and breathable. It features nursing clips, stretchy microfibre material, and a three bracket fastener. 

The final style featured is the “Freya Underwired Moulded Nursing Bra” that is designed with a flexi-wire and four bracket fastener that adapts to body shape changes while nursing. It is a moulded spacer cup that is lightweight, breathable and provides an internal a-frame style which promotes support and modesty.  

Our recommendation as an alternative to maternity bras are soft cups bras that provide ultra comfort and support. Finding the proper nursing or maternity bra is not an easy task but can provide a life changing experience to any women once they find the right fit!

Check Us Out At The CORE For A Personalized Bra Fitting Experience!

Schedule a personal fit appointment for nursing or maternity bra recommendations and have our great team assist you in finding the perfect fit for your needs!

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